Monday, September 19, 2005

just a reminder...

in case you forgot to celebrate properly, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day.
I enjoyed it thoroughly with the first graders who love pirates and saying "Arg, Mateys!" and waving imaginary hooks around.

Not so much with the second graders, who managed to forget everything they learned over their entire school career in just one short weekend. fun. Lucky for me they are only in second grade so we should be able to whip them into shape in a few days...weeks....months....lifetimes.

Also, I am volunteering with a kids exercise class sometimes. Those of you trying to get into shape should take note: skipping is hard work.


Angelique said...

I believe it when you say skipping is hard work. I've discovered playing kickball on a one-man team against three third graders is hard work, too. I have to do all of the pitching and outfielding and tagging of the base all by myself. I almost get more of a work out in the 45 minutes on the playground than I do with my runs.

alyssa said...

that's cool that you're helping with a kid's exercise class. I feel like traditional phys ed in school alienates a lot of kids and makes them hate exercise, causing early onset childhood obesity. As happened to me (well I didn't get fat, but I still haaaaaate the gym). I'll see you soon.