Thursday, March 31, 2005

personal soundtrack continues

"she drives me crazy ha no one else ha ha...."
so I finally had the opportunity to meet with my prof today and argue about the ridiculousness of her giving me a C+ ahg! and I am so cool calm and collected that as the tension escalated and I was not getting through to her I realized I was going to be late for my other class, and that I was about to burst into tears and I told her as I left the office that hers was "the worst class I have ever taken and I would have learned more if I just read the book" I am so mature. so then I raced of to class, first trying to stop in the ladies room for a quick cry or at least to spash some cold water on my face and the closest restroom to my class was locked (what is up with that! who locks a public restroom what is happening are homeless people sleeping in there? I wouldn't mind if they just kept it unlocked) so instead I just go to class late (so not me) while in class trying to bite back more tears and writing the word angry over and over again on a scrap piece of paper my new prof calls on me first to tell the rest of the class about myself. When everyone finishes the intros he points out, that it is nice to have two students in the class not from a UC undergrad. The other student went to tufts and harvard (I went Bloomsburg, a small state school in pennsylvania). Then later my phone rings (oops forgot to turn it off on the rush into class) Finally, he calls on me again calling me Bloomsburg because he can't find his class list and asks me where the garden of eden was located...if I had any brains left at this point I would have told him that the point is moot as the garden of eden is a myth and if you would like me to guess on the origins of man I can do so but I do not believe in the Christian ethos of such. Instead I shrug and my brain starts singing Babylon...I am so sped. and who needs an IPOD with this personal soundtrack.


Anonymous said...


(that was me, nora)

Anonymous said...

The Garden of Eden is that place at Great Adventure with the good hamburgers. No wait, that's the Garden of Eatin'. It's a delicious pun.

Angelique said...

I wouldn't worry about being mature or not. If your prof is that insensitive then what you said probably didn't even penetrate her dense skull. She is so not worth your time or energy. I'm just sorry you have that C+ on your transcript because of her.

nancy said...

blame the internet part not your computer which I am sure is perfectly lovely.
and look angelique I fixed it.