Tuesday, March 29, 2005


thank you kate for the wonderful time in Louisville. I saw five plays this weekend....had more culture and beer and wine than I have all year. do y'all know that bars in louisville are open til 4am. (yep now I am saying y'all surely that is what living in the south and then a getting a little too close to kentucky can do to you.)

other stuff:
school started back up yesterday but I dropped my monday class due to mental overload. something about dr's appt, hangover residue, rain and cold, reaffirming my lovely C+ is the "correct grade", finding out from my oh so thorough doctor that my thyroid seems enlarged and being told that I am awfully moley and should visit a dermatologist, coming home and being unable to use my keys to open the outside door to the apartment, standing in the rain, feeling like a moron for not being able to use my keys in the door --but dude they worked yesterday...little bit too long of a day for me.
so today I am looking better (I guess), feeling better, aware that there are problems with the profs in my department that I will just have to deal with for another year, aware -thanks to deborah-that my thorough dr.-should not be writing me prescriptions for medication but should instead be asking me to return for tests and should be recommending me to an endocrinologist if it is really something to worry about, further realizing that if she spent more than 5 minutes shooting questions in my direction she would understand that most of my thyroid symptoms are the symptoms of my life....and equal to stress and 2 days of continuous drinking in luaville. la la la....are you still reading, don't you wish I typed slower and used punctuation more. no really ...you love it.
I am pretty sure that my advisor, when speaking about health issues in sped, used the word depository when he meant to say suppository. don't want to know where he does his banking.

talk to you soon, will try to use more punctuation then.


Anonymous said...

Luh-a-vulle was awesome this weekend and it was great having the company. Anytime. Free theatre... come on who doesn't love that?!? True the hangover from a three day bender is a bitch but it was all worth it at the time. By the way the endocrinologist thing is on the money... no GP should be telling you anything other than "call this specialist" or "here are some free samples". Wait a minute I just realized Mom visits this blog now... Shit... I mean Oops... I mean Anonymous... sort of...I mean are you laughing yet, Nanc? I hope so. Take care all.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mom! Love, Nora.

nancy said...

so I don't actually know if my mom reads this. But I did tell her about it so she could read it. I think at first glance it was like a truck wreck and she turned off the internet, however she could come back...sometimes you can't help but look.
and thanks kate very funny.
by the way you can post your name now without having an account or signing it just choose other.