Monday, November 08, 2004

toner monday

today was a normal day until I reached into the fax machine in parts and yanked out the toner cartridge and proceeded to shake out the toner into the machine and all over my khakis and sweater. marvelous.
note to self....small toner cartridges cannot be shaken like BIG toner cartridges to get extra life.
half an hour later and a box of ultra size kim wipes I take out the new cartridge and holding it perfectly still, I yank out the ribbon (for toner nubees this is something you are supposed to do before you install) the rebuilt cartridge is a piece of shit and the ribbon shreds and gets stuck at the end weeping toner all over my already sad pants. (totally abnormal) I have officially been a "secretary" for 10 years now and this is ridiculous. soon I can join the rank of technologically sleepy teachers.
other than that nothing crazy
only a four day week
no class tomorrow night
no class thursday night hurrah!
not looking forward to the 10+ hour drive to the east coast thursday night. I think I will subject michael to children's books on CD. any suggestions?

p.s. happy belated b-day to sam. your presents will come never fear. love-me
gotta go back to campus to see michael's woodwind quintet in a new music concert.


Anonymous said...

So my friend Emily started a new job in September. One day as she was trying to get her bearings she ran to the Xerox for some quick copies and the machine immediately jammed. She opened it up played around with a couple of knobs and got her copies in no time. She ran into her new boss on her way back to her desk and discussed what needed to get done that afternoon. As she returned to her desk she noticed her hand had black ink on it. She grabbed a mirror and realized she had ink rubbed all over her face. Needless to say I laughed when she told me... but I bought her a drink later that night. We should do the same Friday night. Take care. -Kate

Anonymous said...

Walter Dean Meyers has a good children's book on tape, but I can't remember the title. "The Giver" is always a good one. Charles Kuralt also has some good tapes doing reports and interviews. There's one on Autumn that is good.

nancy said...

thanks for the story kate. I had a secret fear all day that I had a toner mustache but, amazingly, I avoided my face.

A-thats what I was supposed to do this afternoon, get books!