Wednesday, November 17, 2004

just finished reading

two young adult children's books:
Holes by Louis Sachar
The Double Life of Zoe Flynn by Janet Lee Carey
I recommend the first for kids...the
the first is also a suggested read aloud for both michael in the car and 4-6th graders.

Marie Claire...sorry the pms made me do it...what tripe...but the pictures are so colorful I can't help myself
Rolling Stone ...what can I say it came free in the mail...interesting eminem interview...also nice to see a long interview that had not been reduced to a 16point font and a serious of sound bites and exclamation points.

please send me suggestions for the break between fall and winter quarter...I will be searching for something good.


Anonymous said...

Nyah, nyah!
I'm in Cyprus. Weather is beautiful, Mediterranan (sp) is lovely, and I might even go to the beach.

zoe said...

not related to the post or anything - but i love you too, nancy :)

Anonymous said...

Also totally unrelated to your post-I'm glad the jumping jacks worked for you! I'm freaking out a little bit today about the same old stuff. Feel like climbing up a high cliff and staying there.

nancy said...

to all:
stupid honeymoon, stupid when are you coming home amy....will you get an ipod?

thank you z.

a-I can't do the jacks anymore my tension in my neck and shoulders is too great to move that way. don't freak out call me cause I need a talk.