Saturday, June 10, 2006


I am a graduate. But I didn't go to graduation, just to the CCM picnic for free food and to see Nora once more before she goes to Italy. Free food tastes yummy. The apartment is very packed up. The futon is leaving with a friend of Michael's this afternoon. So this evening I plan on lying on a lonely mattress in the living room and reading or watching library rented episodes of sex and the city. The LA apartment fell through so we are just going to drive out there and then figure out what to do next. Hopefully, some family will feel sorry for us and save us the hotel costs while we figure it out. Michael said today that every June something momentous happens that changes everything. I always thought of it as August or September with the start of new school or jobs, but it is true. Does that stop? or does it continue that way?


Angelique said...

Maybe it stops for a while, but from conversations with other people, it continues on through your children. All of their transitions become your transitions. I suppose it doesn't have to be that way, though. Sorry to hear about the apt. Maybe it will work out for the best. Maybe you wouldn't have liked the landlord and all the dogs in the lobby.

Deborah said...

I hate that you didn't get the apartment. I agree with Angelique - everything happens for a reason.
I have found transitions happen much more randomly when you are older. At least for me it does. Add that to Cecilia and Sophia's transitions and it seems like nothing stays the same for more than five seconds. Oh well! I guess this is the life I signed up for.
Good luck with the move!