Monday, June 12, 2006


My internet connector thing must be returned to the store tonight before 7. Tomorrow afternoon some people will come and deliver a container in front of my apartment. (I am crossing my fingers that a bored traffic cop does not feel the need to come to my neighborhood and write me a ticket, especially because the city of Cincinnati was so helpful when we called about getting a permit, mmhmm, I'll miss Cincinnati).
There is, of course, more packing cleaning and organizing to do. The move has taken over and when it is complete I can resume letting the wedding or my new job anxieties take over after the cross country driving and apartment finding anxieties subside. The next two weeks will be our usual east coast tour with the added bonuses (bonusi?) of attending a wedding, going "down the shore" to do some of our own wedding planning, and a Murphy bridal shower (the Murphy part implies wine and beer and absolutely NO party games). When next we meet I may be on the west coast (or using some found wifi in mid-travels). Wish me luck on the apartment hunting.


Granny said...

Good luck with all of it.

Alice said...

Fingers are still (mentally) crossed that everything goes well.

Sounds like you're having a blast, anyway.


Hope you don't get a ticket.

Hugs xxx