Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I will always be a total nerd because of the extreme stress reduction and satisfaction I get from color coding my calendar. Each project, class, activity has its own color and the more heinous the task the uglier the color.

other stuff:
I broke my glasses at about 11:30pm last night and then spent 1/2 hour trying to glue them back together and wishing that the screw had not snapped in half, so I could do the nerdy pin or paperclip fix. (new glasses pics to come when I am motivated to upload the tons of I have stored on the camera)


Anonymous said...

Another great blog! I couldn't derive half the fantastic ideas that you come up with.
My patio decor site is off topic but still noteworthy. Can you teach this kind of creative thinking? Is it something you were born with? Keep the fabulous ideas coming!
Lets say a prayer for our boys in Iraq and hope for the best!!

nora said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Go America. AND ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF AND YOUR PATIO DECOR! WOOT WOOT!

Angelique said...

I like the color coding idea. I just read an article on worrying in Psychology Today. When worriers are worrying, they are actually less anxious because they're considering all the potential (bad) outcomes.

nora said...

got your message during my class tonight.. and now my phone is charging, so i'll return your message through your BLOG. i work saturday day, but i'll be done around 4 or so, so teen witch night sounds great.