Monday, October 10, 2005

mmm pickles and chips

Weddings make people crazy---its true and its a mom quote to boot.
my solution? be gone homework, I will spend the evening eating pickles and chips and watching an episode of the tv show, Wife Swap. In this one, a nature mommy switches places with a pageant mommy. Its horrible. I am loving it. wedding craziness? nothing a little bad tv can't fix. (keep in mind I don't have cable or else I would be watching some iron chef or something else suitable that is not on network tv.)
mmm, let me make another pickle and chip sandwich. yum.


Deborah said...

I watched that wife swap. It was terrible! Crazy ass people.
Weddings make people crazy but it is the people affected that varies. When I got married my mom and mother-in-law were the crazy ones and I, for once in my life, remained the calm one. That is a sickly satisfying feeling.
Yum pickles...

nora said...

g-ross. you missed a pretty sweet pumpkin hunt trip. we met the rolling stones' stage manager.