Wednesday, June 29, 2005

not getting it done

Whatever it is, is not happening. I am somehow only working 5 hours a day and yet not doing much of anything when I get home. I play on the internet, sort of glance at my piles of library books and cook some but all of the visions of my summer are disappearing. In the air conditioning of apartment I am doing more napping than organizing and more lounging than creative projects. I need to figure out how to get some motivation or how to schedule myself silly like I do during the school year, because all this free time is just not doing it for me. Lists! That's what I need lists. Tomorrow I will start with a list and if it is anything like the ones I do during school, I will promptly lose it and complete only about half the items in the time I expect. But half is still more than none.


nora said...

make sure you have lake shoes - the rocks will hurt your toesies - and lots of sun screen. tevas, or old tennis shoes will do too. i'm pretty sure we'll have tons of bug spray.

Anonymous said...

My burrito has 30g of fat, and
643 calories. How about yours?

caitlin said...

nora...i can't believe you said toesies...and nancy...i get nothing done in the summer either...except for to drink wine and get ogled at pavestone