Thursday, June 09, 2005

finals done, countdown to roadtrip

I haven't been posting because finals week, and the week before, really make me feel like my head is going to explode. Then I write a lot of papers and I realize they don't all need to be fully comprehensive in all areas, as that would be impossible. Then I think I did them all completely wrong. Then I check my grades online compulsively for the next two weeks.
Its exciting to be me.
After work today, I am walking to campus to turn in my last exam (a take home that good or bad, is he expecting my essays to be fully completed with thesis statements? oops.)
Tonight I am preparing to go to Pennsylvania for a week.
Goodbye wireless internet, I will miss you, but really me and the internet need a little separation time so I can get back to reading real books.

1 comment:

alyssa said...

i'm sad we didn't get to hang out before i split town ;( I was going insane last week, and it sounds like you were too.

cya in september!!!