Thursday, December 23, 2004


so there has been a massive snow storm and I am trapped in cincinnati. (is this a circle of hell?) my flight has been cancelled and with a 40 minute hold I rescheduled. the taxi scheduled to pick me up at 8am has not arrived (it is now 9:30am). If I had any hair left (you will see what I am talking about soon michael, --I hope--) I would be pulling it out. it is a level 3 snow emergency...-"whatever that means"-mom. which according to the news means that if you are not a plow or an emergency worker you should not drive--and as an added benefit if we catch you driving...or stuck in a snow bank, we can ticket/arrest you. lovely. not that my honda civic was going anywhere anyway. there was a bus trapped on my block for about 2 hours this morning, it was sideways and blocking a lane and a side street. I love christmas. oh and the best yet is that the news says the airport has run out of de-icer. do you think the clerk responsible for that order will have a job in the new year? I wish that this snow emergency would go away if only to provide me with some mindless daytime tv instead of the constant news and weather on every channel (that is all channels but PBS, they are showing teletubbies and callilou---it must be hell).


Anonymous said...

callilouwho? I don't even know what that word means. Hang in there. I love you... and need for you to be here for the holiday season.*

*see also: went Christmas shopping with Dad today.

nancy said...

for someone without kids I know WAY to much about PBS programming and children's lit.

also the flight has been rescheduled for tomorrow so I should be in philly around 3pm if everything stays on schedule.

hey-was he weighing sneakers? or was it jewelry? fun.