Wednesday, December 15, 2004

more from the waist pants queen

so onward to becoming the girl I loathed in high school, I am now checking online for my grades (which won't officially be posted until tomorrow) approximately every 15 minutes. Well michael got his yesterday why are mine not there yet? also because I cried when I did poorly on an exam and got a B in Language Development. Is it the girl hormones talking or am I really that upset about a B? I am neurotic, which seems better than being psychotic (which is a more applicable title) because neurosis are so hard and science based and oliver sacks-like instead of mental and intangible and guilty and irrepressible.

am I making any sense?

in other news (narcissistic hmm?),
I am getting lots of much that I still feel sleepy all the time.
I sent out christmas cards (for real). why did I expect that doing christmas cards with michael would be a fun filled holiday event?, when really it was just us grumbling about not knowing what to write at the kitchen table and hurrying through. where is the hot chocolate sipping, christmas carol singing, warm fire, food filled table, laughter filled holiday?...just in the woman's day magazine filled with crafts you too can make at home from empty paper towel rolls, gingham fabric and buttons.
my I am on a rant today...and to think I have left this alone because I didn't think I had anything to write.


Angelique said...

Zach wrote half of our X-mas cards while watching South Park (I made him) and I did the rest in a frenzy two days ago sitting on the dining room floor in my pajamas at 10:30 in the morning. I'm usually disappointed about the whole ordeal too.

nancy said...

this happy christmas myth has got to go.
a- are you hanging out with me for New Year's eve? I will call you with info.

all-did you notice how I spelled literacy in the post below. not worth editing. but I need to mention that my literacy prof says li-trissy. not lit-er-acy. and she said it about 1,000 times a class period. so for me it is no prissy litrissy it is litereacy or something illiterate like that.