Monday, August 30, 2004


engaged engaging whatever
michael came back from tour tonight and proposed to me "proposed what" dad said.
now what?
well mari came by with champagne, cheese and crackers (what a nice friend) we chatted and enjoyed the night. Now I am blogging (god I hate that as a verb) and michael is sitting by me playing the guitar.

I was ready to jump out of my skin at work today. So excited that he was coming home. Now I am slightly drunk from champagne and red wine. A lot more chill than I was when he proposed....not on one knee ...but after listening to me bitch about going away for over a month and bringing me back a ben & jerry's t-shirt. A leave your girlfriend for a month and come back without jewelry. The only prize I get is a t-shirt. Yes I am grateful for a t-shirt but are you kidding me?
only then does he give me a box and says fine. I was going to wait 'til later but if you are that tosses a wrapped box in my lap. the guilt is overwhelming...but I still open it.
inside is a silver and amber ring and he ask me to marry him. Are you for real? (I can't tell you how many times I asked that...marriage is so hypothetical to me)
So now I am engaged.
and after freaking out...shaking...trying not to cry...losing my appetite (like most annoying skinny girls) I called my parents, my siblings...he called his parents...I got drunk with a friend. And now I feel great. no fear. I can do this a couple of years

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