Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am deep.

the difference between House and ER
on House
very week someone vomits/spews blood and the smartypants dr's call for help
on ER
they actually (or in a pretend tele drama way) help the people while calling for help instead of going straight to commercial to clean up the corn syrup and red dye.

I am brilliant and this is the sum total of my postings over a month. bah.

other stuff.
school is almost over-have I actually taught anything?
I still need to complete my online class, I hope that I am not too late in my procrastinating way
I spent 3 days of spring break in palm springs. It was lovely and warm and I got tan (for me) while wearing 5ospf by the pool applied hourly)
While sitting by the pool I studied (or at least practiced elementary high school math) by the pool for the CBEST
I really hope I passed. The test is not nearly as bad as sitting in a high school desk for 3 hours. I am old and sore. That makes me stiff.
I am going to Wildwood with my family this summer. Hurray for a baby neice and nephew and east coast beaches with murky water and waves that don't threaten my life.
oh and probably lots of other things, Michael's new business, his graduation and internship.
I can't stop moving furniture around, or searching for homes/apartments I can't afford on Craig's list.
miss me?

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