Tuesday, January 16, 2007

monthly posts?

Yeah, typical of me, I never post here. I think about it, but mostly what I want to post these days is shut down by job confidentiality or my own conscience.
So instead here is some insipid tripe.
  • I am watching 13 going on 30 tonight and feeling very cranky
  • Work is really hard and I have had a cold for a month. (ew)
  • I like stupid teen movies. Especially if they include choreographed dance scenes. In fact, all stupid teen movies should include choreographed dance scenes.
  • I am a grown up (30 in fact). Case in point, tonight I wanted to just drink wine and eat chips, but instead I made broccoli and pasta in a basil garlic butter sauce and garlic bread. (howdy dragon, breath) then I had wine with my yummy dinner. I may go have some chips now though.
  • I am exercising (walking with a friend from work), multiple days a week. Just because it is healthy.
still a child?
  • When I watch stupid movies like this or Sex and the City I want to drink colored drinks from martini glasses. In real life I should really not drink even water from a martini glass because I usually slop it all over myself.
  • I realized yesterday that I should always buy name brand Ibuprofen because it is bright orange and easy to find a tiny pill on the bathroom floor after (in typical fashion) I drop one trying to get the lid back on the bottle.
last questions:
  • Could I be any more incoherent?
  • When will summer be here?
  • Is it possible for me to write a narrative/journal type entry here without resorting to using bullet points?
the end (for tonight...or until next month)

-if you want to see my craptastic taste in movies you can be my Netflix friend just email me.


Alice said...

You're feeling guilty about not posting, too, huh?

Me, I've been erratic for almost six months. I'm surprised I've got any readers left at all.

I love Sex & The City. And I always want a brightly coloured cocktail in a fancy glass whenever I watch it despite the fact that, like you, I will spill it over myself, and the additional fact that cocktails tend to kick my ass.

Hope the cold gets better soon.

You go get chips, girlfriend (mm-hmm). You're a teacher. You DESERVE chips.



Deborah said...

Sorry you are feeling whiny! If I lived closer I would come drink wine and eat chips (and pasta) with you. I have been sick since Novemeber so I feel your pain. I love you and miss you!! I will send you a real email soon.