Monday, November 06, 2006

the more I don't post

The bigger the task of posting then I can't do it because my life feels like a novel, too long for this format.
So here is the bullet point update to get things rolling again.
October/early-November bullet synopsis
  • I got married (it was rainy and fun)
    • It was on the east coast and full of family and drinks and beach and rain and coastal flood warnings
  • teaching is hard
    • and as much as I hate the whiney teacher mantra about not getting paid enough etc. This is the hardest most stressful job, I've ever had.)--that being said
      • I still like small children (They are cute and huggy --though often snotty--that is runny nosed not stuck up)
      • I went to a week long literacy training and actually missed my kids
  • I turned 30
    • this involved 2 yummy dinners, a yummy breakfast,
    • a visit from Amy
    • and a pseudo surprise party with Michael's friends/classmates and significant others who were fantastic stand in friends
ta da, now I posted. All comment based questions shall be answered forthwith.
I don't actually know what forthwith means but it sounds official.


Kate said...

forthwith- immediately, at once, without delay...

Thanks for the post. Rehearsal is boring

Alice said...

Forthwith - without delay.

...Oh, just looked, someone else answered it. Ah well.

YOU'RE MARRIED! Glad it went well, despite being rainy.

YOU'RE OFFICIALLY A TEACHER! Yup. Now you're doing the "BOY, I love kids, and all, but MAN, they don't pay me enough for this" mantra! Good for you: you've joined the club.

My mum (a supply teacher who used to be a full time 2nd Year teacher) says hi.

And glad you had a great birthday! Sorry I missed it. It's belated, I know, but, anyway:


Have a good weekend Nancy.