Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Yes, um sorry if you are still checking in.
I haven't posted in about a month, because I am busy teaching and tired and often to lazy or too concerned with confidentiality issues to say things I want to say.
So things are going fairly well. No major problems. If learning is measured in dirt my kids from class are awfully smart. The Kindergarten playground has sand. Everyone goes home like they have been rolling around in the dirt. (some of them have been). My head has not yet exploded.
I'm getting married next week. Also next week there is back-to-school night preceded by a pedicure. Because I need pretty wedding toes.

wow informative, boring.

also here is an interesting article that I will so eloquently sum up by saying, ivy league sucks.


Granny said...

Still checking in.

Alice said...

"If learning is measured in dirt my kids from class are awfully smart."

If it was measured that way back when *I* was in 1st school I'd have been rated a bloody genius!

Next week? Wow! Are you still looking forward to it, or has all the preparation dampened things a bit? What colour nail polish will you be having on your toes, or are you going au-natural?

...Read the article, and yeah, it DOES suck.