Monday, August 14, 2006

teacher math training

This week I am spending 5 days training at a local elementary school to learn to use the district wide math curriculum. I would say it is a bad sign when the facilitator rants about her family (they are all engineers, she is a teacher) and in a manner of speaking blames the patriarchy (or Malibu Stacy, "Math is hard!") for her career aberration. She goes on (after the other women in the class have an, I so agree the man is bringing us down bitch fest*) to talk about the allotted time for mathematics instruction (60 minutes). She makes sweepingly broad statements about emergency schools (schools where the kids are not passing tests and they government requires more intense programming) and explains that this particular curriculum recommends 15 more minutes of uninterrupted academic time for these schools or students that show the need for more intense instruction. She says, "So, what is that? .... (long pause)....90 minutes of instruction".
4 more days of this and crappy catering.

*I am a feminist; I just need these people to learn to run a professional program. There are many reasons why this is not one of them (not just an inability to add whole numbers). I just hope I don't need the credential credits so that I can collect a nice check for my 5 days of inanity and boredom.

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