Sunday, July 02, 2006

santa monica

We've been in Santa Monica since Friday evening.
The apartment search sucks.
Michael's uncle is super nice and took us to the movies.
I am stealing wireless internet from somewhere in his apartment building.


Granny said...

I haven't said anything lately but I've been lurking about.

Good luck with your search.

Deborah said...

You made it! Things will start looking up. Sending happy thoughts your way!

Angelique said...

I've been thinking of you a lot lately. It must be a very stressful situation to be in. I hope to talk to you from your new apt. soon.

Amy said...

Want to have lunch on Sunday? We'll be driving back from Santa Barbara.

Alice said...

Not found anything yet, huh?

Your future Uncle In Law sounds really nice. Watch anything good?

Hope it continues to go well (and in the area of apartment hunting goes way better) and will keep checking in for updates to make sure you're ok.

Because you're nice and cool and I like you and I want you to be ok.



PS: hey, did you manage to steal the fridge?