Sunday, November 13, 2005

like you need more reasons to be glad you're not me

I spent the majority of today watching This Old House, Ask This Old House, New Yankee Workshop* and 101 Starlicious Makeovers(E!), while typing a paper on my exciting action research project--creating high self-efficacy in early literacy learners. Woohoo! Go tier one cable with laptop and wireless internet.

(yeah, I know if you were in my position you would be:
1. typing the paper in a secluded office with some ambient music playing in the background
2. watching NASCAR or NY Giants football or some scary show on the PAX network
3. outside enjoying the unseasonably warm fall weather before the (supposed) snow comes on Tuesday
4. using your Tivo or fabulous Netflix to watch more more more TV yay!)

but you didn't make this to enjoy your with your fantastic cable television and laptop free afternoons.

*yay Norm is using a lathe.


Angelique said...

yummy. I bought french bread to make bruschetta with later in the week. I know I need to update my blog, but because Zach and I have dial-up, I get frustrated with the computer. I've discovered that it's better for me to not be on-line so much, but I will update soon.

Anonymous said...

I'll have you know that I did not do 2 or 4. I went to the country.

nancy said...

the real country? (or where my parents live?) what for?

Anonymous said...

more like your parents' country but in VA, for the anniversary. We had a gift cert for the shmanciest restaurant in all the land

Deborah said...

Can I write a paper?? I want to go back to school so I can write papers...
Yum! I bought this way expensive organic black bean bread which was amazing but we didn't eat it all so it got stale so I made bread crumbs out of it and used it for three different dishes. I felt so domesticated and environmentally conscious at the same time.
Just some random info you probably didn't need to know...
Happy Thanksgiving!!