Saturday, October 16, 2004

michael says

I should use more contractions because my writing sounds too formal.
I told him I didn't care.
and then I said..."does it really seem too formal?"
then he proceeded to read my last three weeks worth of entries laughing out loud occasionally and pointing out my typos.
so I need to point out here that the guy at work I mentioned ealier in the week, his name really is acy. that wasn't a typo.
and I will try to fix some of the others.
also that my favorite quote from last night came out of matthew. "michael doesn't mean to be an asshole." all in good fun. its just easier to live your life your own way and be the bitch or the asshole sometimes. rather than tiptoe around worried about what everyone else is thinking. or (more specifically) what everyone else is thinking of you.


Anonymous said...

I didn't notice the contraction thing, and the lack of puunctuation just gives it style. It's like having a conversation with you.
I was home this weekend. Things are pretty good. I'll try to call soon, but you know me...

nancy said...

true my conversation isn't punctuated by much (except the occasional sip of wine)